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Its been a while..

I dont normally leave it very long between blog entries. But quite recently ive been too tired to turn my laptop on before i go to sleep. Im still sufforing quite badly from this cold, and ive been off work all day resting. I hope i feel better tomorrow.

I took some really cool pictures on my new phone, and some awesome videos of jody scratching. Hes absalutley brilliant at it, in fact id say hes done some of the most impressive scratching ive ever seen. Ill post the videos tomorrow.

I cant really think of anything else to say. Im going to blow my nose, wash my face and hit the sack. Becoming a routene.. I hate them so much. Id love to live a life that was totally random, everyday a different place and different people. I guess one day my life will be like that. Roll on that day thats all im sayin!

Peace out brothers and sisters.

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I have that life, it’s called unemployed.

I’m loving it for now while I’m still running on cash I had saved up but when that’s gone (very soon now) I’m fucked. Routines aren’t so bad, you just do what you gotta do for the cash and make sure your weekends are good enough to be worth it.

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