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Quite recently search engines have been buzzing around our websites. Maxxd, SSDB.. and this one. And i becasue of this sudden increase in search engine bot violation my wordpress blog seems to of attracted the spammers!

I believe its some form of bot that tralws the internet finding wordpress installations then basically commenting on things with stupid fucking ad’s such as..

Name: poker hands | E-mail: poker_hands@loan.XXX | URI: hXXp:// | IP: | Date: August 15, 2006

Bradford hope to keep Derby pair
Bradford are hoping to poker hands Derby duo poker hands Holmes and Nathan Doyle’s loan spells.

This guy on his blog go’s into some detail about how it works, its late and my eyes are frosting over so im gonna have a better read of it tomorrow. I guess the technology behind the spam bots is pretty impressive – its a shame they couldnt put it to better use.

The last hour has SHOT by, i was in for an early night too. I seem to have some form of cold – which is pretty shocking as its supposed to be summer. Either that or im finally allergic to something or im sufforing from hayfever for the first time. My eyes itch too?

And i didnt get those fucking websites finished. I must rememebr to do them. Its taking the mick now!

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This “guy” wants to tell you that you don’t have to understand anything about how comment spammers work. It’s a time waster. Just install Spam Karma or Bad Behavior WordPress Plugins, or get and you are incredibly well protected. I use the first two alone or the last one alone or a combination of Akismet and Bad Behavior and 95% of all comment spam, sometimes even 99.9%, gets caught. No worries. So you can sleep peaceful now. 😉

Wow thanks!

I love how wordpress tells you when someone links to your blog! Its great!

I certainly will install them plugins.. Ill have a browse round and see what people recon to them all b4 i decide tho!

Thanks for the input!

Down with spam!

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