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Server Upgrade.

We went from 1024mb ram, to 1536mb today. We have been thinking low memory may be the reason for the load shooting high. As the server was using Virtual Memory, and the VM process was using up the load. Or so djb had told me anyway. it seems to be doing the trick tho.

Load Average 1 = 1.12

It hasnt gone above that so far, it has only been up 26 min since the ram was installed tho, so i guess only time will tell. Its half the memory again tho, so it should be more then enough.

I feel ok today, a bit down but it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Im back to not having to think about someone else’s feelings etc. I know that sounds horribly selfish, but truth be told – im not very good at thinking for other people, i find it hard enough conentrating on my own life, never mind other peoples. So i guess that makes me pretty incompatible with the whole dating game. Nic was differnet cos she became part of my life (which i didnt want) instead of living hers along side mine.

Im gonna go home tongiht, and i recon im ACTUALLY going to finish these websites off. Its about time! I know!

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I think you will be cool mate. Sometimes things are not meant to be, no matter how hard you try.

Ive been in and out of mini-relationships for a while now, and the feelings dont stay for long. It will be nothing like when you and Nic split. Trust.

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