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End of an era.. Again..

I was in a very raw mood earlyer, the worst monday on record. So many things running through my mind. Literally the only typing i did was on here, maxxd, SSDB, ebay and in notepad writing rhymes. I did no work. I was very stressed n depressed. Its down to me being a pretty paranoid person in general, various aspects of my life, including the relationship i was in.

Yep thats right, me and H have decided to call it a day. It wasnt a very full on relationship anyway, that was never the intention, but i kind of fell for her in a big way, and i kinda starting going down the path of me wanting more from the relationship. Now it would be totally unfair of me to ask her to take things any further, its not fair. Because at the end of the day 2/3 years down the line when i want to fuck off round the world and leave everyone, it would be so difficult to leave. Especially if the relationship had moved on leaps and bounds.

And (like last time) we had just started to become good friends again. Shes one of the nicest most loving and most interesting people i have ever met in my life. And i will definatly keep in touch with her. I have fond memories from now, and the first time we tried. And im glad we gave it another go.

Time to move on? I really dont no what to do to be honest. I dont want to be in another situation like this. I think ill just bury my head for a bit and get some of the millions of outstanding things done and out the way.

Peace out.

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Blah, 2-3 years is a very long time… I wouldn’t start basing decisions on it just yet 😉 2-3 years is long enough for a full relationship to develop, and go horribly wrong 😉

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