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Chimp Dad!

I have been thinking a LOT about when i go travelling. And thanks to a Richard and Judy (i think it was them) i have decided on the first place i want to go.

I have got to go be a Chimp Dad for a bit! I cant think of a better way of spending a year of my life, than helping orphaned monkeys! You have to act like a monkey in the sence you have to let them cling to you at all times. You basically spend your days working in the park, with your monkey on your back.

This image sold it to me. It has to be the cutest picture i have ever seen in my entire life. Obviously there will be rough times, i guess like raising any baby. I just know that it would be one of the most satisfying things i will ever do in my life.
The only question is, would i be able to bring myself to leave?

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