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I actually dreamt!

Yes folks, for the first time in a very long time, i remember some of the dream i had whilst alsleep last night. It wasnt like some people – in the sence i cant remember it flowing like a film or a tv programe, i just remember bits and bobs, and at one point i snoozed my alarm, lay back down and carried on from where i left off!

I think it was because i wasnt very stoned when i went to bed. I was just tired and depressed. I think i might try and have a few days off the weed, cos im not exactly very happy at the mo, and it only makes me worse. I have an issue im my life, and i think its me being totally paranoid, but im not ruling anything out. Im not going into detail cos this is something i do mind people knowing. Like i said its probably just me being majorly paranoid and if i did say something about it id probably make myself look stupid.

I recon im stuck in limbo again. Ive turned boring again. My life doesnt change, or get exciting any more. Whats happening to me? I think it might be the weather and the fact the end of the year is drawing closer. I know that the end of this year brings a lot of cool things, i.e. i leave work. But the end of the year also means xmas time, and all that jazz.. Now xmas is cool n everything – no one is gonna knock a week off, i just dont enjoy the season. Everyones celebrating an occasion that they dont belive in. Xmas is all about santa, presents, and spending insane amounts of money – where it should be a religious festival for people who belive in that shit. We shouldnt give presents, and buy the love of our friends and family, we should give to the needy or something. That would make me a lot happier than receiveing a load of crap that i dont fucking want.. Im not religious at all, and i wouldnt be bothered if they got rid of the holiday all together. Hey, that way i mgiht actually get a birthday where i dont get presents wrapped in xmas paper!

I best try and find some work to do now then. I have no white material, so i cant really do anything at all. Ive drank two cups of hot chocolate and its not even 10oclock yet! Its gonna be a long, shit (cold) day!

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