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A day of nothing..

Today i did, nothing. I got up when i couldnt sleep any longer, woke. Wake and bake. Watched some tv. Dozed off. Woke up. Watched more tv, etc etc. If im honest, its the first time i had NOTHING to do, for an entire day. I did go on my pc for half a hour while i had my breakfast, but nothing too stressful.

I was going to break my day of nothingness by going out with H for a bit, then goin to daves pub after that. But i was rung up by work and had to do a shift 8-12. It wasnt long hours and i needed the money..

And I had been thinking earlyer on when i was handing hard earnt cash over in exchange for a bag of plants that it would be wonderful if i could just make some money today. A little bit of cash so i dont have to take any more money out my account to settle some little debts. And low and behold, as i was walking back from getting the key for the security office at work, my boss handed my £30 and kinda made a remark that suggested i didnt put this down on my time sheet. 😉 It was almost a wish come true!

I got home and did, nothing. 🙂 Watched “Its all about the Benjamins” – which is absalutly brilliant from start to finish 🙂 One of the best days off ever officially! Im about to go and get my sleep on, peace out brothers ‘n sisters 🙂

EDIT – And i won £4 on a scratch card! Camon’ stinky!

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Alright man, as you know i’ve been stayin at yours all week and aint read your blog, nor in that fact, had much communication with ya, we both been preoccupied, then I’ve fell asleep with the TV on (hopin that you would have turned it off punk)

USC was a mad weekend, I enjoyed it. Love the shows.

This shit with court and that, like Fi says, dont worry about it, we have done everything in our power to resolve this, EVERYTHING and we know where we stand.

As for smoking, it would help you to quit (maybe not straight away and all together, maybe just cut down to begin with, you’ll feel a wicked difference) – You’ll feel more relaxed and able to concentrate more, trust me I know 😉

I’ll be back down Monday PM anyways, we’ll have to free up a night or two for one of our chats and finish off a few bits bruv.. everythings ready to go (including the staff)

Its almost October 🙂

Yeah, as soon as trax is out the way ium gonna dissapear into a hole and work as much as possible dave.

But in the next few weeks we should get all that shit sorted.


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