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Show me the way to go home…

Im tired and i want to go to bed! I have run out of the material i print on @ work, which means i can only do the printing side of the printing and pressing part of my job. So that basically means gradually printing shit out onto huge rolls of paper..

Like this..

And sitting staring into space..

Like this…

And generally fucking about with either websites, or cool shit i have on my desk..

Shit like camo netting…

As you can probably tell, im bored.. I think ill do karls site after ive been to the loo and aimlessly walked about for half a hour or so. I might go lock myself in a room and practise breakdancin’ 🙂

Break it down!

4 replies on “Show me the way to go home…”

Hahahah.. the day has got quite a lot busyer as its gone on.. I decided to abuse works resources as much as possible..

Ive even used the works mail franker to send my letter to my bank! haha

Yes! Its actually to ask them to send me detailed info on the charges they have taken from me isnce i opened my accounts.

I already know how much they owe me roughly, but id like to see what they claim the figure is!

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