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I think there is something about this server that is cursed. Ever since we have moved to it, ive had fuck all but problems with it. For example..

Today, i spent HOURS re-building my gallery. I had to remake EVERY single folder, and re-add EVERY single picture. It was a pain in the arse, but i thought that if i used a nice fresh clean install of G2, and built it from scratch, id be sound. Oh how fucking wrong i could be! I set it up, and it was all working great. Then a few hours later it was fucked. I had changed NOTHING. daniel had changed NOTHING on that account, it was fucking STUPID!

Ive kinda fixed it now, but im not fucking letting it do shit like that. Im gonna find me a better gallery for my olstar page. I only started using their fucking galleries cos they claimed to be able to accept shit straight from nokia phones. And ive never got that working.. so fuck them!!

Maxxd is having another overhaul, daniel is really working hard to make it exacttly what we need. The next stage for him is to intergrate the gallery, hes probably gonna migrate away from G2 tho, onto something like coppermine, as G2 is just, well gay!

I ploughed thru some of the outstannding work i have today. Finished the Amen Corner Site, Made a proper start on the K-Tintz one, and thought about what i could do for the ghettro gallery solution. Hopefully i can get karls finished this week, then ghettro one next week, and them in sorted. *Phew!*

Hometime soon, im gonna try and blag a lift because i feel so weak its untrue. My legs wobble when i walk! 😆

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