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Does your bank charge you far too much money?

Mine does. Everytime i go overdrwan (which is quite a lot) i get charged about £30. I have been through stages in the last few years when i have had up to £120 in charges backed up, so when the first of the month came around i had a sum deducted from my balance. Lloyds Tsb seem to be a pretty good bank in most peoples eyes, well i dont hear many people moaning about them anyway. But all i seem to ever have off them is greif and debts!

In my opinion my bank should look after me. I pay money into my account every week, and the amount of times ive missed a direct debit, or a card transaction by ONE day, or by a few hours, is unbeliveable. If i ran the bank id have some form of early warning system, where if a customer of mine was going to be taken over their overdraft limit, id give them a curtosey call the day before..

“Hi there, this is jermaine from The Royal Bank of Olstar, we have noticed you are going to go over your overdraft limit when your next payment go’s out tomorrow morning, would you like us to temporarily increase your overdraft limit, or cancel the direct debit so that the company in question contacts you regarding the payment?” 

If scientists can make a working car out of a single molecule, i think that somone somewhere is capable of writing a script for banks so they can pre-warn their customers! Its not too much to fucking ask!

Anyway, my mum piped up about a site that go’s into a LOT of detail about getting charges back from banks. The sites say that the amount some banks charge is unlawful, and that we (the banks customers) deserve our money back! To be fair though, £30 for a computer to automatically print, fold, sign seal and deliver a letter is a bit excessive!

Tongiht i added up the amount i think my bank should give me back, and from what i can work out its well over £1500! Im gonna follow the procedures on that site, and see what happens! I could clear a lot of the debt i have if i got that money back! So fingers crossed!

After i had done that H picked me up, and she demonstrated what a great singing voice she has. Her and Sarah are queen’s of kareoke – or so im told 😉 I can imagine they are very entertaining actually, H does the little dances and everything. Haha..

We then proceeded to have a baby wipe fight, and i now smell like i have been changing nappies. Great! 😆 Ill get you back i will!

I best sleep now to be fair, i was nearly late yesterday cos i didnt go to sleep till stupid o’clock.

Oh, new (again) this week, thanks daniel 🙂

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