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More Court Drama

I had actually started to forget about the millions of teeshirts that litter the top of my wardrobe and the spare badroom in my house. I had started to forget how 2 guys who were such good friends of mine, turned round and stabbed me and dave in the back so much so were now scarred for life. Then while we were on our way to USC on friday dave bumped into his mum, who mentioned he had another letter from the courts. That brought all the stress and shit of this farse back ontop of us..
Anyway, dave actually got hold of the letter yesterday, and it is from the courts, and its going on about danny wanting the money for the teeshirts from a 3rd party. And the 3rd party mentioned is our bank. Now, i dont know if this is to force us to get into debt with our bank, just to pay him back, or if its just a way to make us pay up any money we do have in that bank. But as everyone knows that bank account is nearly empty. Its always been empty, and has only ever really been used to pay money raised for charity in, so that we can send a cheque to them instead of a bucket full of pound coins.

To make this farse progress and hopefully one day end, danny needs to get off his high horse a sec, and make a deal with us.. I.e. let us give him 500 quid instead of the apparent £1300 that we owe him, as tbf its VERY unlikley that all the tee’s are gonna sell for the price we’ve had them for sale at for months, in the next week or two.. And if im perfectly honest unless they are being sold for £5 or thereabouts, they are NEVER gonna sell. So from teeshirt sales alone, we are NEVER gonna be able to raise £1300. And i am NEVER gonna put some of my own hard earned cash into the pot.. So you can see the predicament we are in?

What we’d ideally like to do is turn the tables a little bit. He is draggin this out like a bitch, so maybe we should introduce some new evidence and a few more witnesses to the case? I wonder how sy would react if he was summond to stand in court? I wonder if he would sit there and lie through his teeth like he has done about this whole ordeal? I always knew he told porkie pies, hes done it all his life, but i never thought he desocialise himself from loads of his friends just to keep on up..

It would be great to have him in court, and just go over a few of the lies in the court details.

So you did actually order the tees from mr simanis, mr wilkinson?
Why did you bail and resign once the heat got turned on?

Why did you lie to the courts, and aid danny in lying to both us and the judge?

What the FUCK have i ever done to you or danny?

The longer this drag’s out, the more i hate them both. The SOLE reason for tasking sy with merchandise/stickers/clothing back in the day, was becasue dave and myself are VERY busy, and already have far too much to do. Now we have all the stuff we had to do before – plus more, plus trying to sell the tee’s, PLUS sorting out all this court shite.

We need to seek some legal advise, and flip reverse this shit back to danny.

God damm stinkin’ hippy!

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