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A year and a bit has passed since we took on ownership of the server all our sites are hosted on. And to start with, it was fine. If i ever had any problems, i always asked dave or daniel to have a look, and 9 times out of 10, they would fix it there and then.

Now this has been a great setup, but i guess i cant rely on other people forever. And the people who read my blog regulary will know that quite recently the people i have been relying on, havent been available. This has made me realise quite how badly i need to learn all the command line stuff, and i need to fully understand PHP and the things related to it.  I mgiht see if  can do a lil course in it? Cos i cant handle being stuck like this with no one to help me 🙁

I cant blame people, i bet they get quite annoyed with me asking them stuff all the time, and they do have thier own lives to lead. Its just sometimes i feel very alone and very pressured. Like right now..

And i have GOT to quit smoking. Its dumbing me down so much.

Not long then i can go home and have a power nap. H is over tongiht cos we both feeling depressed, and feel we can cheer each other up. Thats if i dont fall asleep first.

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