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USC 2006

I had never been to USC before. I had heard stories of how mint it was, and how it was the best show of the year. I wouldnt say that it was the best show, but it was damm good. Me and dave finally got our shit together and headed off about 4pm friday, his car looked awesome! Fuck you barry boys!

We set off with no music, and only a very vaige idea of where we were actually going. After only gettin lost once we finally got there to find most of our lot rat arsed already. Ive never seen ste drunk before, and it was ace! πŸ™‚ Everyone was talking, there was no little groups just on huge mad party. I took a few party smarties and to be honest i wish i haddnt. I have to be in the right frame of mind to have them, and i REALLY wasnt in that frame of mind.

The following day i felt like shite. I felt depressed, ill and tired. I usually get a hint of depression after abusing myself, but not usually the day after! It made me feel distant from everyone, including H. Which made me feel even worse. I gradually got better as the day went on, and had another mint night including claire throwing up all over sarah, ahaha.. puke covered trousers anyone??
The sunday was a MUCH better start, went to watch cars on strip again, got sunburnt more, bought a hat. Then we went back to the campsite cos it was hot and we were all nackered. On the way back we passed Bekki and Mush, who were going to fill up water balloons and supersoakers so we could go ambush CC again, as we had done it the night before.. DRIVEBY!!!!

Oh how wrong i could of been!!! I got back and H opened fire on me! So of course i retalliated, and that lead to a full scale water fight.. any we could lay our hands on.. old water bottles let out in the sun, ANYTHING! Mush, hollie and H.. Ill get you back @ trax if its hot.. Watch your backs!

Im so tired as i sit here writing, but i dont want to go to bed cos then my weekend will be over. And i dont want to go back to work. πŸ™ Im dreading checking my bank balance too, i bet im broker than the joker! πŸ™

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