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So summers gone then..

Yep, thats right. The rain has started. Its USC this weekend, and i hope to budda its sunny. The weather forcast for that area doesnt look that promising, i guess we’ll have to wait and find out. Im really looking forward to the weekend. It should be another long one, and a proper mashup! It also means i get ot spend quite a bit of time with H, as normally its only a few hours.

I felt really gutted that i couldnt update my blog when the server was down. In my time of need i was let down! I might see if i can transfer it to my old ntl webspace i have. As theres will never ever be down. I only get 50mb tho, or is it 500? Ill have to check up on that, and see if i can transfer my domain n that to them. At least that way people will be able to check on the progress of maxxd server issues even if the server is off?

Im yawning like a  bitch, so im out. I hope im not late for work.. Again! oops!

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