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Where the fuck do i start?

I have had possibly the worst 2 days of my LIFE! We had a brilliant weekend, raised money for a good casue. And things were honkey doory.

Then came monday night, 6:00pm, and LT were supposed to be turning off our server, and putting a new hard drive in so that we could move the data across, and hopefully have trouble free hosting.

Right, so this should of been done at 6:00pm monday evening. By about half 7, they told me my server would be turned off. By about 10:30, they turned it off. TWO HOURS LATER they tell me..

Hello, Your reload is in progress”

What the fuck? So 6 hours after you said it was gonna be done, your JUST starting it? Losers! Anyway, 3 HOURS after that i get…

Hello, Sorry for the delay but your reload is complete.”

So i got my mate to check stuff, and they had NOT put the old HDD in as a slave. TWATS! All our sites had been down now for a day. And they had ONLY just completed the task they were supposed to do – well – half of it anyway.

NINE HOURS LATER they figured out they haddnt put the old drive in as a slave even though id told them 3 times. It then took them  a further 2 hours to locate and find a second drive and mount it.

It was the wrong fucking drive wasnt it!! Its then taken them a DAY, a full fucking DAY to find our old drive (all last ngiht i was preparing to sue them, cos i thought we’d lost everyhting) plug it in, and turn it on.


And my mate daniel has flogged himself to death all day for me, getting shit across so that it could actually be used. I cannot stress enough how much you have saved my life today daniel, thank you so much! Dave, if you reading this we need to get this boy some rims for his car!!

And i cannot stress enought how fucking crap Layered Technologies (Layeredtech) are. I understand that the servers are self managed and its up to us to look after them, but its taken them two full days to do the simplest task in the world!

I blame the fact about 8 different people were dealing with my case. I dont imagine what i requested is requested very often, and they usually get basic reloads and HDD swaps, but not reading the support log before jumping in and doing major thigns like ripping hard drives out of live clients servers, is just unprofessional, stupid and generally not a fucking sane thing to do.

If you debating wether or ot to use LayeredTech, id say DONT. Find someone who willl actually provide you with telephone support. As support tickets can be ignored and forgotten about FAR to easily!

I have had about 4 million things to blog about, ive missed everyhting so much. its good to be back!

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