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Judas.. err.. not a bastard?

I was being driven to work on saturday evening with the fond memories of the crazy BBQ the night before still lingering in my mind, when i struck up a conversation with my boss who just happened to be giving us the lift to the sites that day. I asked him if he had seen the Da Vinci Code, and he became the first person i that had asked that question, to give me a negative reply.

He started goin on about how it was a ridiculas idea that jesus still had a blood line in france etc etc and that the reason the dude looks like a lady in that painting is that artists in that era DID paint people more feminine looking.. pale faces etc. He also believes that jesus was gay, and that being gay wasnt looked upon as being a bad thing back then. Quite controversial! Me Like!
Anyway, he started talking about judas (a word i remember Fi using as a tounge-in-cheek addon to insulting names for people, something to do with jews.. meh) And he started talking about the lost gospels of judas. He went on to tell me that instead of judas being the bastard that he was made out to be, that instead he was actually following orders from jesus to grass him in to the 5-0. It got me quite interested!

Now im not religious in any way, i dont really believe there is a god, but i believe all these people in the bible and other such historical religious books were real. They were obviously extreme religious people, and in a similar way to how samurai’s walk on fire and glass and seem to defy gravity and belief, these religious guys were probably able to perform stunts that came from focusing energy hard enough, that would shock bystanders into believing they had special powers of some kind. These people gave others hope, and for that they were immortalized in books and scripts, and in later years these books were used by people to gain hope. Religion is about hope i guess, it gives some people meaning. It just provides me with interesting reads 🙂

LSOM went brilliant, loads of cars, models, 2 biger vans, an Ice cream van, about 5 photographers and 1 x fair ground ride!

We raised £430 for the Sherwood Forest Hospitals Cancer Appeal. Sweet!

Back to work tomorrow after a weekend of bizarre sleeping patterns. Should be a enjoyable walk to work tomorrow. Bah!

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In actual fact mate, when we use the phrase Judas Bastard, we are ussually implying that the person we are speaking to are two-faced or ‘back stabbing’ (which ironically enough is yet another insult based on history/writings – shakespeare’s Julius Caesar)………..the jew thing you refer to was a comment about laziness I used when we were talking one time. Apparently back in the day jews were often called lazy. This was due to their religion and not being able to work at certain times of the day and year etc etc….

Fair enough, i have slept since i spoke to you rofl..

I so wish i remembered the thigns i learnt in history at school, its so interesting when you think about it..

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