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An early night..

I think i deserve an early night. Its 22:26 as i write this, and i recon ill be tucked up by 23:00. I cant remember the last time i had a decent nights sleep. At one time i knew the exact amount of sleep i would need to feel bob on in the mornings. I dont know about any one else, but i feel SHIT if i dont have enough sleep, and i feel SHIT if i have too much sleep..

The balance has probably shifted now cos im gettin older, shouldnt i be waking up rate early and doin all that shit older people do? My dad gets up at like 6 every morning even sundays.. The guys mad i tell ya. I suppose i still do things that make me more tired than your averige joe. Like abuse myself regulary 🙂

Anyway, sleep. Goin to a BBQ tomorrow, and i havent got to work till saturday night which is a bonus. Woo! A friday i can finally look forward to!

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Mate, your talking like your about 35 years old…

Abuse yourself as much as you can. Sleep when your body automatically shuts down due to overload.

Its the way forward.

USC next weekend. Lets see if your in bed by 11pm then.


Chin up bro!


i feel 35 sometimes..

i like your way of thinking mate, just dont know if my body is capable of caining it loads any more..

Its suffored a lot of abuse mate!

Lots and LOTS!

But yes, i doubt ill be asleep much at USC 🙂

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