My Past Rhymes

As time ticks on..

As time ticks on, a pattern emerges,
I get quite depressed, my image submerges,
For no real reason, im always unhappy,
Pissed off with work, and where i live is just crappy,
Been stuck like this now, for quite some time,
Cant blame any one, my life is mine,
And like i seem to be telling, a lot of my friends,
Life is for living, but that all depends,
On the card’s you’ve been dealt, and your chosen hand,
Are you making the correct long term plans?
I always wanted, the best of the best,
I wanted to succeed, and prove wrong the rest,
But now my aims have declined quite rapidly
Gone from big conglomerate, to round the world traveling,
And i guess the long wait, until im twenty five
Is adding to the depression, I suffer in my life
But if im honest the time will fly
It wont be long until im saying goodbye
And you’ll have no more Olstar to say hello too
Oh my god, what’s the world gonna do?


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