Urggg.. Ate.. Too.. Much..

Ok, so i lost my bank cards didnt i. I last saw one of them the day after i went out last week. The other, fuck knows.. Ive looked for them for 3 days, and this morning i rang up canceled them and ordered some new ones. Now, not having a bank card or a car that works properly means i havent been able to draw any of my money out. Which has meant ive not been able to buy.. Anything! And thats actually meant me eating very little for 3 days. I was starving – and i mean STARVING by the time i got home from work tonight.

Lucky for me my wonderful father picked me up, and took me for a steak. Then as id told him id lost my cards, he proceeded to give me £30 to keep me going. I love my dad hes great. Ill give him the cash back like, much to his shock id imagine 🙂

And ontop of a steak, me and scott went to asda and i bought a pizza, which i nearly ate all of. I feel so fat now. I could be sick…. *ralf*

Ive kinda been negleting my resoncibilities recently. Especially this week. I put it down to me feeling kinda depressed at the mo – a subject i dont want to bore myself, or anyone reading this – of any more. Ive also been very busy, so its hard to do too much and still find time to sit back and chill.

I gave blood today, something i think everybody should do. You’d all want blood if you were in a car crash or something. So dont be gay and scared of needles that dont even hurt. Get signed up or something!


7 thoughts on “Urggg.. Ate.. Too.. Much..

  • I was going to give blood, I looked up all the dates and places and then completely forgot about it. I can make more of it, so why not give some away?

  • So might that be the real reason you went Olly???? You were hungry……and there’s you guilting folk into giving blood too! shame on you!

  • Mate, asda price choc digestives – quality biscuits at quality prices….(bargain)….they’ll sort out any ‘munching needs’

  • I try and NOT munch tho..

    I put weight on and lose it VERY fast..

    I lost about 2 stone in a few weeks from not really trying at all! Long time ago like…

  • If you remind me and I can possibly make it down then I will go. I’ll try to remember for myself at some point, but I’m useless at remembering to give away the stuff that keeps me alive 😉

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