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I haddnt realised it but i have slowely been letting things mount up making me quite depressed. Work is getting me down, and a few other personal things included mean’s one depressed oliver! The only thing that seems to take my mind off it is the time i spend with H.

I decided to treat myself to a bit of e-retail therapy. I constantly scoure ebay for stuff, more specifically – Camo adidas stuff! And i found something i bought STRAIGHT away! Buy it now rules!

Why i dont own one of these already ill never know. I dont even know if its genuine adidas. I do know it says adidas on it, it has camo on it and it cost me $27.34 DELIVERED from the states… thats £14.78! Now thats an ebay bargain!

There are two pairs of trainers, and another top that i want and then thats me done for a bit. Its mad how spending money cheers me up, ill be even happier when my stuff lands on my doorstep woo!! 🙂

And i have decided that as long as i can get more security shifts, im definatly handing my notice in on friday. I will give them 3 months notice so they can find someone, and i can show them what to do etc. I havent told my parents yet, i dont know how they react. They both know i wanted to leave but were just egging me on to stop to ensure a regular wage. But work is such a big part of my life at the moment, and i just dont have the time or interest that the person doing my job should have.

Anyway, i have to be at work at 8, after id been there today from… Bloody pedigree dog food marquee!

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