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One of those conversations…

Yes, ive had another one of those conversations with my boss. I think craig has mentioned that im unhappy, and he got me in his office to as me what was up. I ended up telling him everything, how im unhappy in general at the moment and that the job im doing isnt helping at all. As long as i dont leave them in the shit and give a good notice period he is fine about me leaving. He understands that people have dreams and he realises that no one is gonna stay in the same place forever! But at the same time he has asked that i spend 100% of the itme when im here on WORK work, and not personal stuff. I have no issue with this.

So i think ill hand my notice in at the end of the week. Matty posted this cool site with letters of resignation already made up but i dont want to offend my boss, or burn the bridge between me and work. You never know i might need a job one day and this place mgiht be the only joint hiring!

I dont want to start another job, i think im gonna ask for a few more security shifts – and then devote the rest of my time to the things me and dave are doing. As weve started looking into something this week that is hopefully going to be a very sucessful service we offer to people. It just requires a lot of attention from us both.

Im slowley sorting our hosting clients out too. Its taking forever as its one of those really tedious jobs that annoy me. Ill get it done this week im sure. Then we can find out how much were gonna actually have to shell out to fund this server this year.

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We should talk more brother, i had no idea it was gettin you that down. 🙁

I’d love nothing more than you to have more time in the day to help me out with things, you know what it gets like sometimes when i’m PMing and Emailing you..

If we both hands on it would give us that extra boost and we wouldnt both get so stressed.

Whatever you do, dont burn the bridges, good luck mate, you got my support anyways..

Lets crack on tho mate, the time in now 😉 😉

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