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My memory has suffored a turn for the worse. I have been very very forgetfull today and have been getting wound up very easily. I have for example been going downstairs to fetch something, end up doing something totally different, comin back upstairs to remember what i originally went downstairs for, going downstairs again and forgetting once more. Yes, really that bad..

I only have myself to blame, the constant abuse of weed is blatently surpressing my memory and making it fuck up. I wonder what i would be capable of if i didnt smoke weed? I wonder if al the little annoyances i have with myself would vanish? Its an issue im gonna have to definatly address soon as sooner or later im gonna go past a point of no return and regret it.

Same old story tho, lack of willpower and motivation. Its only really started playing on my mind when i it was brought to my attention that the slight circulation problems i think i have are probably down to the fact my arteries are clogged up to fuck. It makes me sick to think about it, but yet i still sit here smoking.

I hate myself sometimes..

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