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It feels like i havent been to work for ages. I hate coming back here when ive been happy and content, as coming here makes me miserable and stressed out. It reverses the good that the 3 days off has done to me. Oh how i cant wait to have the rest of my life off!!

I have chosen a few things on eBay, although i bet i dont win them! There are a few pairs of trainers that are pure SEX, one in particular! They have quite a few days left, and they are rare un’s so i doubt they will go for less than 50/60 quid.

Prob not to everyones tastes, the ones on the left are Super Skates, not Superstars – but the shiney weaved pattern makes them rare and SEXY! The ones on the right are called SKYLINES as they depict a city scape view on the side of them. They are pretty lairy and i dont know when i would wear them but id certianly like to own them ๐Ÿ™‚

I get to see H tonight, im glad things got sorted and seem to be setteling down now. I thought i had fucked up and lost her for a while. But i think were ok and back on track. Its not like the relationship is really heavey, we both have a lot to do and have important thigns in our lives – but that shouldnt mean you have to spend your free time alone does it?

Shes one of the few females i know that i can sit down and talk to for hours and hours and hours. We are on a very similar wavelength, not exactly the same one, but a very smilar one. Shes not a bitch either, and has been thrown a lot of raw deals all her life – which i think has made her into a very interesting person. And, she makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, i best do some of this work as its not gonna print its self. Unfortunatly. How good would that be?

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