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The end is nigh!

Yes, my glorious 3 day weekend off from life is over. Ive not done much at all, and ive slept a shit load. Its been all good. I dont get much time to do nothing anymore, i seem to be busy with something or other most nights. I guess thats a good thing tho or i would end up extremly fat and lazy.. Oh wait i am anyway! Bwhahha..

Im getting really pissed off with missing eBay auctions. I used an auctionsniper the other day and ive won stuff with them before but i have changed my eBay password since and it couldnt connect to my account so i lost some kicks i would of won! I just keep forgetting to check eBay, and i have like £60 in my paypal account that dying to be made into 2 bargain pairs of sneaks!

Before i sleep im going to find some good kicks to go in my watch list. Theres some RHCP 35th ones in a UK12 that im watching, but i bet woody off my superstar site is watchin them as well. The seller is the guy who wouldnt supply me with genuine pics of some Run DMC ones, so he couldnt turn out to be a cock end and be selling fakes. Im gonna get woody to ask him for pics i think, cos he’ll remember me and probably tell me to go f**k myself.

Its a shame there are so many pricks out there that sell fake trainers and try to pass them off as real ones. If you have a colourway that is limited to 500 pairs in the world (like the Super Ape Star’s) then releasing fakes devalues an absalutly gorgeous sneaker. There are so many SHIT fakes as well that to an unsuspecting buyer they are some mad colourway, but to us in the know they are just a REALLY shit badly colour matched FAKE!.

Adidas superstar fans of the world, check your purchases are real/genuine before buying!

Ask the pro’s!

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