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Wake n Bake

The best way to forget that youve waxed about £80 over the duration of the weekend, is by waking, and baking! By baking i dont mean the creation of fluffy cakes covered in delicious icing. I mean waking up, rolling up, and lighting up a joint. As in the mornings im still very sleepy when i wake, so a early morning reefer makes me feel hazy and relaxed. Ahhh

We had a mad night last night. I didnt do much during the daytime, in fact, i dont even remember what i was doing now. But as soon as the evening came round me and scott got our shit together and headed off to Wisbech to pick dave up and then go onto the cruise.

It took us TWO hours to get there, it didnt seem like it took us that long to be honest, but it did – and we eventually found dave and headed off to the cruise. I dont think ive ever been to a cruise this far away from our main area to be honest. Well, at least not this far in this direction (south? south east?) And for that very reason it made it good as there were lots of cars id not seen before.

The cruise itself was alright, ive been to MUCH bigger tho, and i recon the only reason max power were there was because of how close to their main offices it was. But it was still a good cruise. Proper old skool one too, burnouts galore!

Im pretty gutted ive spent so much money this weekend, i guess its whats made it a good’en tho. I still have a bit if cash left and i get paid again on wednesday so hopefully i can afford to get my clio fixed this week and then i can put it up for sale. Then, theres nothing stoppin me!

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