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Yes, i was out last night and i got wasted! 🙂 I havent been out in town and enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed it last night. For some reason it was just ace. I love knowing people all over the shop, i guess thats something ill have to sacrifice when i travel the world.

During my “drug baron” days rofl, me and my close business partners couldnt go anywhere without being known. EVERYWHERE we went, there was someone there who was in some way connected to our vast black market empire. It was cool at the time, as i was 18/19 and when your at that age things like that go to your head a bit.. But im glad its not like that any more. Im glad i still know a few people in town tho, makes the whole experience better.

I did notice my age a bit last night. I saw people in town that really shouldnt of been there. My old next door neighbours little brother was down. What the fuck? That guy was like 11 the last time i saw him! 11! And now hes in a club drinking jack daniels and coke!?! And you see the people who were nothing back in the day, walkin around pumped up on ‘roids tellin the people who replaced them what to do and shit.

I doubt ill go out much still, its not like last night got me all pumped up and lovin’ town.. But it was a great night 🙂

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