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Really confused..

Well, apparently ive changed? I dont know what ive changed from, and to, but apparently ive changed. I guess at one time i was nice and pie to everyone, did everything everyone asked and had all the time in the world for everyone. But now i dont. So im now a worse person becasue i have much more to do? Im a worse person because i dont tread on egg shells around all the members of maxxd, and people just get told straight now?

People talk about me standing back and looking at things from the outside. I think they need to think of my life from the inside more often. I have sacrificed 4 years of my life to a website that we host free to hundreds of people across the world. I have sacrificed hours and hours of my life to maxxd, and the members that use it. But now im a worse person? Me and the maxxd team have raised money for charirty, fought our cause in local papers and on radio, organsied events and meets for FOUR YEARS.. and im a worse person for this?

Maybe i have changed, but its not been through choice. Its been through the stress and pressure brought on from running a car club and working my ass to the bone. Im sorry ive changed, but it would of been impossible to of stayed the same person, and of acheived the many great things that i believe i have achieved already in my short life.
Im off out tongiht for some well earnt drinking.

If anyone reading this is out, holla at’ya boy πŸ™‚

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alrite dude,

just got back from the long trip, I am shocked with what i have read in the past few days, I cant believe how out of hand it has all got..

in regards to you changin, in certain peoples eyes, it may seem so, in others maybe not. To be fair, we have all changed in certain ways over the past four years due to personal circumstances, work, maxxd, business stuff, friends, everything mate.. I dont see any bad changes though, the past couple a years have been fuckers. BUT, 2006 mate, things have started to change and things are looking up. Life might not be smelling of the finest roses quite yet, but the future’s looking bright.

Keep ya chin up and dont let yourself or anyone else convince you any different. Shit gets thrown at people to try them and make you stronger. You know who and what you are and you know what your doing with your life mate.

Keep it real, PEACE..

DJB, i thought youd of seen the posts on maxxd dude?

it was a rockin night too tbf!

Wud of been good to see ya an all! πŸ™‚

Dave, yeah i guess that makes sence.

2006 > all

haven’t been looking in the events forum as forgot its all events and not just cars πŸ™

Heard it was a class night though!

Ah well gotta save money πŸ™‚

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