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A very long day..

Today has seemed like an eternity. Work dragged, and was unbearably hot again, then world war three started..

Im glad the day has drawn to a close thats for sure! I guess like whats been said in the comments, that we have all got to take a step back and realise what we are arguing about is actually quite stupid, and its done far too much damage to carry on. I think its safe to say that was the most offencive blog post to date! Record number of comments too!

I got quite a bit done on my caddy. I wire brushed all the parts at the rear, and i really need an angle grinder, some sheet metal, and a welder. Cos there are one or two parts that are offending me. It took me about a hour to remove the tigerseal that had been put over some spot welds that run the width of the truck at the back – there didnt actually seem to be any actual reason for the tigerseal, he must of had some left over?

While i have it in this position, i really should look at swapping that rear suspension setup. I might have a ponder about how much work would be involved, and wether or not the caddy will stay together if we take that much stuff off it ๐Ÿ˜† It would be ideal, and would mean MINT movement with the airbags.. front, back.. side to side!

In conclusion, sarah, i appologise for letting this situation get out of hand. Im sorry that you were upset about the way the situation on the site was handled, and im sorry if you took offence at the way i spoke to you regarding that situation. I dont want enemies, i just want an easy life. As im sure you do.

Can we now put this situation behind us? For the good of the galactic empire?


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