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So, one blog post later and my life has been turned upside down. Ongoing arguments alwals spiral out of control. Especially when they are involving stubbern people. Its especially hard when more than one media is used during communiocation between parties involved in the dispute.

Its just a shame when people are torn in the middle, and those torn people get a majority one sided view of the evidence supporting both parties. For example, ok, maybe my last blog post was a bit OTT. But i didnt sit there and plan it that way. I was deeply fucked off by something someone had done, and the way that a certain person was being made to feel. So i retaliated.

Am i not allowed to say what i feel?

Am i not allowed freedom of speech?

What makes this whole situation 40 times worse, is what started it all off. For some reason the personin question seems to think that me and the moderators on maxxd see, hear and sence everyhting that go’s off on our site. And she seems to think that as soon as something that is posted that offends her (People take offence at different things, so tbh its hard to see unless your directly involved in the situation) that it should be removed.
The moderator that was online at the time didnt realise the severity of the situation, and therefore didnt react in the correct manner. I get back to a dispute, i clean it up – and somehow its my fault?

And from this i have now probably lost H, and totally lost someone i had beef with and who was considered a good freind of mine.

Just to stick up for myself tho, dont patrionise me in text messages sarah. Well done to you for getting a new job, and al that other shit you were blowing out your horn at me. But dont fucking suggest that i have fuck all going for me.
I dont blow my own trumpet, cos i see it as being childish. The fact that you feel the need to, and then call me childish in the same text message? Pfft its too much for my contradiction glands to absorb.

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Yowsa… Your life sounds a bit like mine at the moment, 0lly πŸ™‚ My commiserations.

It’ll all come up smelling of roses eventually. It’s a shame you’re not allowed to voice your opinion and have it understood for what it is because of childish people…

They’re entitled to their opinions too though, in your comments or text messages, unless you turn them off πŸ˜€ They have free speech as much as you. You just have to be the bigger person here and drop it, or it’ll carry on until someone else grows up πŸ˜‰

TBH mate, im not replying to texts now, i darent even text H becasue i dont want to know what she thinks of me.

I just wish sarah had left that PM that i sent a week ago, and got on with her life, like i was until this morning.

I get so deeply offended when people tell me im nothing. Ive tried so hard all my life to do the best i can in every aspect of my life…

Its not my fault im not a high flyer…


i don’t want you and sarah to fall out, i don’t want anyone to fall out other than me and sarah who obviously allready have BUT…

i don’t think anything Sarah says or does or anythign I say or do (i hope other than the one daft post i’ve done fuck all TBH) can *MAKE* you loose helen. Helen is a big enough girl to make up her own mind, if the fact you’ve fell out with sarah (i’m guessing thats whats happened by reading this) makes you loose Helen then maybe you need to think about things a bit?

what could sarah possibly say to make helen not want to see you, do you not think people called me black and blue all the way through my relationship with sarah? Well yes they did but she made her own mind up.

I don’t want to get involved nor make anyone choose sides but i think you and sarah both need to take a step back and calm down. That being said i know you are both volatile people and thats easier said than done plus i accpet i don’t know the full situation here.

Olly – Sarah cannot and will not make helen stop seeing you. If you think that helen would do something like that then you don’t know her (i don’t mean any offence here but can’t think of a better way of phrasing that), sarah has *hated* a lot of the people helen has been with before and helen has never let that matter, i can’t see it being different now.

i’m not taking sides, i don’t know anything about your fallout and i don’t know either side of the story, all i am doing is speaking as someone who knows YOU sarah and helen pretty damn well.

I see your point mate, and i never meant for one minute that helen couldnt make her own mind up. She can, i just feel like ive got so much working against me right now. It tires me out to think of a way out of all this.. And ive probably done myself no favors by posting all this..

And I jsut dont see today getting any better mate! πŸ™

i’ll ring you inabit, can’t right now because my personal phone gets no signal in the office! fucking stone age shit man, ONLY vodaphone works here.

anyway i think i know what you mean but i’m not going to get involved, this will be messy enough without 16 smelly stone of me involved πŸ™‚

i don’t know enough about it all so i can’t possibly judge either side.

anywho i’ll ring you later, i’m going straight from work to pick my new boring mobile up but am free after that.

You don’t need to think of a way out of this, there probably isn’t one. You’ve fallen out that much is obvious so it’s time to take a step back and let things cool off. Things like this normally aren’t “forever” so chill out, leave everyone to everything and sort it out when emotions are not running so high.

I think i know sarah better than most and know she is very emotional and very strong willed, you are two so if you carry it on now it will only get worse. and worse. and worse.

will you back down? no because you think you are right.

Will she back down? No because she thinks she’s right.

Now i don’t know either way who is right or who is wrong all i know is this isn’t the place or the time to sort it πŸ™‚ (can’t beleive i’ve got this far without saying “fucking”)

anyway. busy. ring you when i get signal.

I shouldnt have to do any backing down buddy, cos i was mearly doing my job.

I Know ive posted shit thats made it worse, but it all stems back to someone not liking being moderated.

Id appreciate no more comments on this matter now please.

Hopefully in 10 years you won’t think about this at all πŸ˜‰

If I still thought about pissy fights from when I was 12 I’d never get anything done πŸ˜‰

Olly, Ste was well aware of the situation and I don’t think I need to explain why. I PM’d Ste straight away (on the SAT) and didn’t receive a response until the Tuesday, check my PM’s if you like?!? I was miffed because of how you spoke to me, patronising and condesending not like someone who I though was my friend.

In the past when you have had problems, I have always been there for you, no matter how shitty things have been for me, i would never in a million years have even thought of speaking to you like you did to me.

I responded with what i had going for me after you said i was deluded, i was mearly pointing out that I was in NO WAY deluded as I was working on improving my life. It made me angry that you judge me like that given that your life isn’t exactly peachy.

You were and always are accusing me of coming between you and Helen when in actual fact the only thing that EVER has/will affect your relationship is both of your actions. It wasn’t a case of Helen taking sides, it was a case of her taking her own opinion of the situation and making a desicion based on this.

I cannot believe how you have changed Olly, IMO it’s not for the better either.


The deluded comment was aimed at you thinking people had been talking about you for weeks!

Although the situation is devestating to you, its old news to other people. And its only been brought back into the limelight since you replied to WEEK OLD+ private message.

Ive appologised for what i belive ive done wrong, and ive already said i went too far with that blog post.

If you cant let it drop then id appreciate if you didnt comment on here any more.


I’d be deluded if I thought they were’nt talking olly, you know what they’re all like! Yes they all have lives of their own, but it’s much nicer to talk about someone elses shit, easier to cope with you see.

You can’t just decide that your word is final and therefore nothing is to be said anymore? You have plastered stuff about me on the internet and then asked me not to defend myself?!?

I actually, from your last post, thought you were starting to make a bit of sense, but you’ve reverted back to your way or no way?!?