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I do belive that karma of some kind exists. I have had loads of bad luck in my life, but every now and then id have a mad stroke of brilliant luck that right cheered me up and made all the bad karma dissapear. I seem to be stuck in a strange kind of bad karma forcefield. I feel that there are people working agaisnt me, in various aspects of my life.

Danny and sy have casued a black cloud to be over the business side of my life. I feel that for as long as this court/ccj shit is going off i cant push myself to my full potential in case the worst case senario happens and i have to pay out money. Dave. Shut up. I know. You’ve told me 3 million time. But that doesnt mean it wont happen!!!

I still feel pressured at work. Its calmed down a bit now but for months ive kinda been doing my job against my will. I wanted to leave, and confroneted the boss about it and he pursuaded me to stop. My attitude towards my job hasnt changed one bit since i was sat in his office telling him i wanted to leave tho.

And i feel that people are working against me in regards my relationship with H. Its not a really heavey relationship, but she makes me happy. And when shes out with her best mate i feel kinda pushed away becasue of the stress casued by the bullshit situation between her best mate and her best mates ex. I do my job on the site, and because its something that she didnt agree with she threw her toys out the cot.

Years ago, when the person in question actually had enthusiasm towards maxxd – and wasnt just using it to get back in with her ex friends that she’d rid herself off when nearly married – i would of done pretty much whatever she asked. She was a good asset to maxxd, a good laugh, and a good friend of mine. She seems to of come back now after THREE YEARS of not wanting ANYTHING to do with – expecting to be treated like a fucking queen.

Someone needs to wake up, smell the coffee and get off her 9 colour flip painted high horse.

Offended? Fuck off and dont read it then!

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you mean when I no longer dance to your tune Olly? 9 flip? no mate only 5 and i think you’ll find it was my ex-fiance that didn’t want anything to do with maxxd, I just nearly lost my job because of it. I have come back on maxxd because i have lost what was my future and wanted to see all of my friends again. i have never expected special treatment just the same as everyone else!

I think you’ve just shown everyone your true colours.

Hows about you stop hiding behing your pc and come and see me the next time your out? Or maybe you can’t?!?

Or maybe a little rhyme, that should sort it out!

My true colours have been on display for a long time luv.

Like it or lump it!

And i think the reaction to your posts being moderated has proven you didnt just want to be treated like everyone else.

Everyone else respects our decesions, and doesnt act up like a fucking child when their posts are removed.

I have seen you face to face sarah, ive ever tried to speak to you in a normal way to make the peace and so that H isnt being made to feel like she is.

But of course, the only things in my life that are important are weed and maxxd – yeah, so i must of jsut been lying again eh!?

Why after like 2 weeks did you decide to flare this back up again? Get bored did ya?

I contacted you giving you reasons why I’m pissed off. I thought that was it, we wouldn’t speak then in ED you turn round smile and ask how I am? You flew off the handle I retalliated. End of.

Didn’t want to be treated differently, maybe you just thought it?!? I wanted Admin/Mods to do what they are supposed to do. I felt uncomfortable with some of my ex’s comments and asked for them to be removed, it didn’t happen. Only when I say something on maxxd does it become an issue and one of you lot has to do something.

I am not making Helen feel like anything, again, I suggest you look at how you treat her? But you don’t ‘blog’ that do you? I won’t digress because it’s not my place but you’re seeing this through tunnel vision Olly.

HRH Sarah xx

Wooo, 0llyoaks!

I hate it when people feel the need to write incoherent crap in comments on my posts, I’d imagine 0lly hates it just as much.

If you’re going to argue then write your argument, then read it, then change it, read it again, and post it if you still don’t think it’s bullshit 😉

i was pm’d about this and replied

i’m not gonna get dragged into this as I couldn’t really care less about who’s upset with who.

I beleive I did the right thing at the time.


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