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Today i have mostly been..

Sweating 😆 – I love the heat, but now everyones got AIRCON except me. And my boss came out with this blinder earlyer;

“We’ll put one of them old air con units behind you – it will make you more comfortable, not that it matters. I want it there for that printer you see!”

Oh righty! Fuck you then! Why is it that even though you bust your ass for them they dont see it and still treat you like dirt?! I hope one day i get to start a company of my very own so that i can make a difference – set the standards so to speak. People need to take a leaf out of google’s book! Now they know how to treat their workers!

In other news, it appears that my blog is being read by a fair few people now. It puts me off a bit, cos i hold back and dont say whats truelly on my mind sometimes. Ah fuck it, i wont from now on because to be fair im really not that concerend what people think of me. I mean, if a new visitor read back and digested my life, they would probably think i was raving loonatic anyway. *twitch*

I think more people should blog. Its a great way of getting to know someone, without ever meeting them – but like Fi said, if you have never met the person your reading about the nyou kinda build a mental picture of them? I really dread to think what people see in their heads when they picture me!

Thats me, now get that AWFUL mental picture out your head! Oh, the mental picture was better? Ah shit.. 😆

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wow – did i just get a mention! lol – am all excited….and my lovely amazing hardworking team at work will read it in the morning whilst i’m not there!

Mate, eveyrone will still think you’re a raving lunatic – with or without a picture!

So, would you be a good or a bad boss?

I’d wanna be as cool as possible..

Humidity is a killer innit, companies aint bothered mate, we are merely a combination of numbers on their books

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