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Spark that shit!

And as if by magic, that spark that i have lacked to ignite my enthusiasm and passion for my cars has been re lit! I am SO looking forward to thursday, going straight down there with my wire brush and spray paint and im gonna sort out that underneath!

Im gonna clean it too, and the exhaust – its ditched! I think i need to do a list, yes lists help..

  1. Wire brush crap/rust from under caddy (there isnt much)
  2. Clean underside of caddy
  3. Clean exhaust
  4. Paint underneath

Right, i need a list of stuff to do after that, when i can get certain people and certian tools there.

  1. Cut old exhaust off
  2. Weld right hand bracket onto chassis
  3. Fit new exhaust
  4. De-rust the bit under the tailgate, and fit fiberglass thing
  5. buy and fit new petrol tank and pipes
  6. Buy and fit new compressor and tank.
  7. Buy and fit bigger blocks under back leaf spring
  8. Wire air suspension back up
  9. Fit remote to air suspension
  10. Test everything

Then im sorted for a bit! I need to buy a few things tho – might of already sourced my tank, and daz can make me some new blocks for the rear suspension.

Fuck yeah!

Oh, and wordpress is REALLLY clever.. It tells me when someone links to my blog! And apparently my blog is

“Strange in some parts but definitely worth reading”

I guess thats a good thing! 😉

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