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🙂 cool word innit! I have invented it to describe the state i have been in today. Its been so humid in my office that i havent been able to keep myself focused on one thing for more than about 5 minutes. I do something, get a drink, sit there gasping for air, try and remember what i was doing before i got a drink, then start doing something totally different.

Its times like this im glad im not totally self employed. As if i was id blatently of had the day off today – meaning no money! At least i am being paid for being here today, dispite the fact i may not of successfully completed one iota of work. Bossman has to see our point tho, its UNBEARABLE in my part of the office. Weve had a new aircon unit, and i belive they are moving the shit old ones to where i sit. I hope they actuallly do something! 🙂

And im going as soon as the clock strikes 5. I dont care if craig moans, im falling alsleep, im nackered, hot, and sweaty and i have to walk home yet!!


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I’m fricking dying man! My hands are horrible and sweaty. There’s an air-conditioning unit in one of the rooms near where I work, so I stole it the other day.

There was a class for dyslexic people on tonight though and the tutor came in looking for a fan to borrow, but all it does is blow around hot air. Sometimes I’m too nice for my own good, so I let her take the air con… I almost fricking died!

I miss this weather, it’s awesome when you’re accustomed to it.

Yeah, the body changes to suit the weather doesnt it.

Just wait mate, both you and i one day will be far far away from this country! Maybe opposite sides of the world, but i bet they will be be sunnier than this one!

Was that your good deed for the day by the way? Hehe

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