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Heatwave + VW’s

Hot. Hot. Hot. – 3 words that describe what the weathers like! 🙂 Everyone is complaining about how unbearably hot it is, but to be fair its alright. Its just the humidity thats a killer. I think about everyone in our office has got an aircon unit within a few meters of them – except of course me. So while they moan about how hot it is, i get to feel the heat and suffocate as well.

Scott came up to my caddy last night, he took my tank off for me, and the spare wheel well housing, so that i can wire brush the underside of my caddy and paint it. I couldnt belive that a 1989 Vw Caddy Pickup would be in such brilliant condition underneath! Its pretty much rust free bar about 5 small patches. Ill get that sorted, get my ehaust fitted and then fit a new fuel tank, that im gonna have to buy. In fact im gonna make a list of stuff i need so far for caddy.

  1. New Fuel Tank < expensive!
  2. Rear Sliding Window < expensive!
  3. Electric Fuel Pump
  4. New Piping from tank to engine, and back
  5. New Fuel Filter

Then i think im sorted! Well, thats stage one anyway – stage 2,3, and 4 may never happen. I guess it all depends on money. Im finally glad to of got some motivation to do work on the cad, im at a stage now where i can go down and spend a few hours on it – whereas before i was wating for shit to be done.

Nothings stopping me now except this clio. I need to sell it to fund the new parts for cad. I need cad MOT’d n wokring so i can transfer plate across to it, and cad wont be MOT’d and working until i have the new parts – cant get parts till clio is sold, cant sel clio till plate is off it…! Catch 22!

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… not that I don’t have faith in you… but after about 3 years of trying to do it, it seems like you could use the motivation…

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