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The Tee-Shirt Saga.. Continued..

Well, im sat down to answer a few emails and smoke the last joint i owned and planned on owning for a few days. And i get a phone call..

“Rate, its danny…”

Great! He started to ask if i had spoken to dave about what we were going to offer him for these teeshirts. I told him we had come to a decision, and that we would be sending a letter to him recorded delivery soon.

I told him that we would offer him as much as Maxxd LTD could afford. To which he replied..

“So you’ve washed your hands of it already then?”

Haha, nice one danny.. Was that on a bit of paper in front of you? Your too retarded to think of that on the fly.. Anyway he started to tell me how i was a prick, how i was trying to make it not daves fault, and he was teling me im a joke etc…

Now i dont REALLY lose it very often, but i LOST it on the phone to him.

No mother fucker rings ME up and tell me im nothing and have NOTHING going for me.

Ive spent 4 years bulding one of the largest and most successful online car clubs in the world

I personally OWN and administer the ONLY adidas superstar forum IN THE WORLD.

I have TWO jobs..

NEVER tell me i have got noting going for me you fucking washed up, scruffy, retarded wannabe clothing designer..

Its a shame danny, cos i used to resepct your attitude, and if we was still down id probably wear your shit clothing to show support, and because of the amount of influence i have on people, and the amount of noses i can put products under – id of been a useful contact. But now youve just fucked yourself for life.

It reallllllly wasnt wise to ring me up and say that shit. You fucking. Stupid. CUNT.

Gonna have to go buy weed now! CUNT!!!!!

Oh, 101 blog posts! Wooo!

4 replies on “The Tee-Shirt Saga.. Continued..”

Wow… Awesome. o_O

Just one quick thought… Danny’s probably pissed off, and not about just that. So take anything he said with a pinch of salt. He probably regrets saying some of what he said, and you probably regret some of what you said.

Life’s too short to argue about unimportant crap. Just realise how unimportant this all is in the grand scheme of things. If, for Danny, this is that important then don’t be angry with him… Just rise above it and let him come to terms with it. Aim high.

Yah, i guess your right.. What dave has said is that he’s probably seeked legal advise, and they have told him what they have told us.

They can only give you what they can afford!

They = Maxxd LTD, as he took Maxxd LTD to court..

Maxxd LTD owns NOTHING, has NOTHING, and an offer of £5 a month, is technically MORE than Maxxd LTD can afford!

So legally thats all we have got to offer him!

If he refuses it, then there is nothing more he or we can do.

No debt collection agency is gonna wanna buy a debt thats with a broke ass LTD company..

Maybe if danny had been nice to us, and not taken us to court we’d be well on our way to paying him back by now?

We’ll never know now…

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