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Mmm sleeep..

Well i was supposed to make the most of my saturday night, as they dont come round that often – well, they are every week but they always seem so far apart! Anyway, i got home from 12 hours on a security site, got washed and ready and fell asleep on my bed! I woke up in the middle of the night to find my radio still playin and my light still on. I could of got up then but i decided to sleep again. I slept right through to about half 11 this morning.

I have to say i feel very awake now, ive got loads done on work including the hosting page, and the support ticket page. Usually as i would of had a late night, id of only been getting up now and ive of got nothing done! So im pleased with myself in that sense..

Ive not managed to quit smoking weed, but i have only spent (since wednesday) £20 on weed, and ive got quit a bit left. I usually cain it at work on saturday, but i rationed myself – and i think ko’s comin up later, so we’ll buy a little bit to cain today. Hopefully i can last till wednesday without buyin any more, and that would be my best week ever!

It helps having things to take my mind off weed, like keeping myself busy trying to prove the world wrong 🙂

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