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Im gonna try and quit.

Thats right, its another 0lly’s gonna quit smoking weed post. Haha.. IM sick of watching everyone around me get the thigns they want.. New cars, houses.. I dont want a house but id like to be able to save without working my arse off – for traveling and for my caddy in the meantime. All my friends seem to be able to buy what they want, yet i just seem to set fire to my money.

Its gonna be hard, and cutting out totally is probably gonna be impossible – But i will give up what i love so much, for the sake of my health and my bank balance. I will be driving my caddy by the end of this year – mark my words.

I hope 🙄 😆

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I know exactly how you feel only with me it’s alcohol not weed. Everyone I know but me seems to be able to buy whatever they want but after all the drinking I do in aweek I’m usually left with about £30 of my wages.

I tried to quit before same as you, and managed it for a few weeks then failed. In that few weeks I reckon I saved about £350 so if you do anywhere near as well as that it’s worth doing.

Its shit isnt it buddy. Why the fuck cant we earn enough to enjoy ourselves, and save up to buy nice things..

I bet after a month of NOT smoking, id of saved around £200.

But i tend to spend it on trainers, or crap instead..


Wow, 100 posts.. Thats something! 🙂

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