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I think the internet is on the verge..

Of apocalipse 😆

I visit quite a few webpages within a week, and in this last week ive had TWO totally unrelated webpages give me wierd “server too busy” errors.. One was myspace, and i forget the other.. BUT i did screenshot both of them, and when i get to work ill upload them.

Ive seen graphs for websites, and i guess they kinda sum up whats happened to the internet. It started off slow, picked up, then SKYROCKETED and just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I seriously think one day something is just gonna fuck up, and it will all not work for a day or something.. Major telecomunications breakdown.. World wide..

The planet would stop.. Chaos.. 😆

I bet so many things are controled in some way by the intenet now, that if things did go majorly tits up, we would literally be fucked. Lets just hope im chatting complete shit, and them screenshots ive got are pure flukes.. 🙂

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