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Time Management

I need to address my time management. I always have 40 million things to do, and it gets done – but in a stupid order. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving my time management? I know there are books i can read, maybe im gonna have to pick one up.. Urghh..

I pray for the day i havent got anything to do. It never seems to arrive tho.

Hopefully after scotts been up later and helped me with caddy (after ive done a hour on PC) im going to see the 2nd pirates of the caribbean film. It should be good cos that depp guy is hilarious. Gonna go see it with H too which is cool.

I need to get a early night in too. As this weeks dragged on i have got more and more tired.. Its nearly 10am and i havent woken up properly yet!

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Cant get tongiht now, last showings at 8 innit, and my date cant get down for that time..

Gotta go pick a 8 week old boxer puppy up with my mom now ๐Ÿ™‚

Yo man,

Best thing for time management is

Write a list and stick it on your wall..

Prioritise what is the MOST important and concentrate on that very thing until its done, DO NOT get sidetracked, Maxxd will not stop if you dont post for a while, sign out of GMail, have one thing open and finish it.

Delegate where possible, you have one brain, two hands and one dick (just to remind you, lol)

I am similar mate, too many jobs, flittin between them all making the jobs take longer and makin you feel that nothings gettin done..

I could go on about this forever but i wont.. cos i’ll fill your page, you know what i can talk like, lol

Speak soon mate

Yeah you can chat for england..

Ive tried lists, they dont seem to work..

I guess its a matter of motivation as well..

Ill try and find someway of generating motivation cells, so i can sort this shit out..

Find someone who wants to hurt you for some reason and have them near you. Let them have a go at you only when they notice you’re not working/concentrating. when they stop bothering you you’re sorted ๐Ÿ˜‰

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