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Today has FLOWN by!

I cant belive how quickly today has gone! I was working away on actual mmx3 work, when i looked at the clock expecting it to be 11:30am or somehting, and it was nearly 1 oclock! Now its just gone 4 and it feels like it should only be lunchtime!

I think its because the only person i the office that has a routene is maddsy. He always go’s for fags and his dinner at the same time, so without really realising it he acts as my clock. Cos hes not here ive been plodding on with my work, and the days is almost done!

I have noticed that i seem to be a lot less stressed this week. I thank a few factors for this, one being maddsy isnt at work to keep hassleing me/distracting me 😆 and the second being that im quite content with my life at the mo. Im in a relationship that suits me down to the ground. I am slowley but surely saving my pennies for when im 25, and the rest of my life is all ticking along fairly well..

There are just a few things i need to get out the way, a few bits on the sites im building left to do – and a few non internet thigns.. then ill be laughing!

The humidity in this office is tertrible today tho – im sat here only moving my fingers and arms and im sweating

Isnt it just the most beautiful shaped leaf on the planet?

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