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Frustration and Anguish..

Ok, so we decided to change servers. I rented a new freshly installed server, twice as much resources as the last one, and a hell of a lot more secure!

But with moving servers, come’s headaches! Luckily for me, my mate Daniel did 99% of it, in fact he’s done 100% of it bless him – but i was the one on the receiving end of all the shit lol..

I must of had 20 people tell me “Maxxd isnt working” – Now i appreciate them telling me, as one day i might not be at a PC when the site go’s down. But after the 10th person has told you it starts getting quite frustrating. I sign out of gtalk and MSN (i use msn for notifying poeople of server status) so people cant nag at me and tell me “Maxxd is down” – and then wiggy who works with me gets people telling him “Tell olly maxxd is down” Dave is worst for it (yes you you c*nt) as he seems to have nawt to do EVER and just chats at me all day..

DAVE! Get a job you lazy bastard! rofl..

During the day long period of downtime, its been really hard for me. Ive not been able to do anything! I even updated my myspace blog the other night, as i felt i needed to end my day with a blog entry. I might move over to my NTL webspace.. That shits guarenteed to be up ALLL the time.

Been really really slack at work this week so far. The heat means my printer doesnt work right, and i basically cant do anything. So ive installed a hour long tutorial on illustrator – im gonna study that – and im playing with a cool new plugin for PSCS2 called 3D Maker 🙂 Its great! 🙂

Im going to play poo sticks tongiht with helen. Ive been gettin some practise in so hopefully i can beat her lol..

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Stay strong minded mate.

I’ll go get a full time job shall I, that will help us get goin won’t it ? “rolls eyes” fool !

It’s hard mate you being at work, cos theres somethings as business partners that we need to chat abooot, haha

holla 😀

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