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I think its about time..

Me and dave have been fucking about for years now, never really getting anything business wise off the ground. But we have kinda come to the conclusion that we have probably suffored everything BAD a new company suffors in business, and we have never got anything off the ground!

  1. Had a director leave after a dispute (resignation)
  2. Been awarded a CCJ thanks to bad business sence from said director.
  3. Nearly been entraped by snake like greedy business men
  4. Had our name tarnished thanks to other people abusing our name for their benifit
  5. Nearly completly disbanded due to internal problems

There is probably shit loads of other things, its just been one bad thing from another. But were gonna show people what we are capable of. Were putting all our skills in one basket, and maximising every oppertunity that comes our way.

Watch this space!

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