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Weekend over already…

My weekends are starting to look very similar again. Usual case of finish work friday – get mashed up friday night and then up for work saturday. 12 hours security shift on the saturday where i piss about with my computer, get a suntan and generally do very little. Then a fairly early night saturday and then a massivly relaxed sunday.

I cant complain tho i guess, im choosing to work at weekends so i can save money up. I hate doing the shifts, but they are nessesery if i am to achive my goal. I need to look at ways of making a bit more cash tho, as £180 extra every two weeks is pretty poor. Saying that if i could save it all up after two years i would have near 10 grand.

My relationship with helen is going fine i think. She is the kind of person i can talk to and tell her anything – ive already told her things i have told only about 3 people before – really personal things. And i know she wont laugh, or judge me for it.. If our relationship continues up until i have to travel then i know its going to be very hard to let her go.

Anyway, sundays are my favorite day now. As its shaping up to be the only full day where i have no stress and nothing to do. Roll on next sunday!

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