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To lose one’s phone..

Ok, so i didnt lose my phone as such. I use my phone as an alarm clock, like many people do i expect? Anyway, i had left my charger at work and my battery was running really low. It got to about 11:30pm and it was about empty. So as a safety net, i sent maddsy a text message telling him to ring my house number at 8:00am in case my battery had died.. Just as i pressed send, 2 seconds later and *ding dong* it turns off..

Did maddsy get my text message?

Was i going to be late for work after id had a crap day the day before and been humiliated in front of my boss? 

I had to find a solution, so i looked about for any old phones i have. I have got a couple, and knew where one was straight away. I tried my sim in, and i coudnt get the phone to turn on. I tried for about 10 mins and gave up. I then had the idea of using my ipod wired to my pc speakers – as it has an alarm function on.. I set that and went to sleep panicing i wasnt going to wake up in the morning.

8:00am came around fast like usual, and maddsy did ring me so he had got the text. I got up and went to work as normal, only when i got to work and charged my phone up for a bit, i noticed there was a black cross on the signal icon. Oh fuck. Sim card!

I went home at lunch time to see if i could find it, and couldnt. I got home after work and i  turfed my bedroom upside down but its managed to escape me completly. So i sat down and started the process of ringing orange up to sort out my little dilemma.

After the automated jungle..

“Hello your through to orange how can i help?”

“Hi yes, ive lost my sim card in my room somewhere, i need a new one”

“Ok, have you got a crime number?”

“Erm, i lost it in my bedroom luv”

“Yes i heard you, but you still need a lost item reference number”

“And what happens if i dont give you one?”

“Well we’d have to charge you £15 for a new sim card”


The phone call got pretty heated after that, although i did keep appologising, and telling the poor woman that i knew she just worked there. I ended the phone call quite abruptly, and sat bubbeling away for a few minutes..

I then thought to myself, fuck it, ill waste the police’s time and get a pissin crime number. After one unsuccessful attempt of being put through to the right department, i got through to someone at the police station and was talking to her for about 15 minutes..

“where was the last place you saw your sim card?”

“err, next to a sock”

It was a complete waste of police time, and my time, but was totally necessery if i was to get a free bloody sim card. I got back through to orange with my poxy number, and a pretty helpful guy who sorted me out, asked me more pretty stupid questions about if people could of been in my room and shit.. Total bollocks..

And now i have to wait ages to get a new sim card. The only way they can redeem themselves now is if that sim is here tomorrow. Cos ill say this for nawt.. Orange has just lost one of their customers.. And ill never go back to the bastards either..

It feels like my arm has been ripped off tho, im totally cut off.. i hate it…

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I can’t believe you still haven’t found it… I presume you checked in the old phone… 😛

Check the top shelf of somewhere near your bed, or under a cup, that’s where everything is.

Yes i checked under my bed, under everything. And i checked in the old phone, the draw the old phone was in, the box for the old phone… i even checked in my bin!

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