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I was like, *this* close..

I have never felt so close to walking out of work as i have today. The morning was fine, everything was going to plan. Although most of the work i had done was re-work as id messed a load of stuff up the day before.

Just before lunch me and craig went to newark to put up some marquees round the back of this newly-renovated club called “Time”. We got there sound, nice and chilled thanks to the volvo’s air con.

Anyway, to cut a long and quite boring story short – I got back, and the work i had done still wasnt right. Only this time it wasnt my fault. So ive had to do the fucking prints for the 4th or 5th time now..

I just get to the stage where i want to smash everyhting up. I want to bite, snap, kick, punch and generally destroy everyhting around me. I have a box down stairs that i chuck bits of paper in etc.. I kicked the fuck out of it.. Now it has two enterance holes..

I have come to the conclusion that im only happy when im not doing my mmx3 work. Nothing against the company, they are brilliant.. Its just me. I have far too many distractions.. Far too much to do on internet.. to be sat here all day slaving away for some other fucker..

Ive been here before, and was talked out of it. My boss has just spent £10,000 on new equipment, and i feel almost pressured into staying.. As soon as i can work the new shit properly im gonna have to hand my notice in. TBH i owe it to mmx3, as they deserve an mild tempered hard working employee. Not someone sho scrapes by and costs them too much money and blows up everytime something fucks up…

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