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Curry and Pint for £5..

We invaded the Ravensdale Pub in mansfield this evening – about 40 of us in total. All there for a nice cheap curry and a pint to celebrate claire (big cab) birthday. Its become quite a tradition. It makes me feel so good knowing 90% of the people were there because of something me and dave started all those years ago. Its crazy, when im at events and i see evryone flying the flag and all being a group – it gives me this amazing feeling of accomplishment.

I think of high flyers at school, and think about the amazing things they were all destined for. And i know that none of them have felt the things i have. They havent walked round shows with 50+ people all around them flying a flag they created. None of them can say something they created has brought couples together that are now either married or are getting married. None of them have had a letter written in the chad by a 10 year old kid, wanting to thank them for putting on a free event in a car park next to a football ground – as they had such a fantastic time. I have… And that alone makes the stress and hard work all worth it..

I just want to thank everyone involved in, either being a member, staff, or just someone that turns up to the events..

You make it what it is. We just give you a flag to fly.

Roll on the future!

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