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Quite Drunk..

I got home and did quite a bit of tidying and sorting. I made my food for tomorrows shift, and i started my washing. I was doing this while i was waiting for helen to come pick me up to go to the pub. We were supposed to be going out alone, but there has been some recent disruptions in a relationship that kinda directly affects helen, so we had a friend of helens join us for the evening. I had no problem with that at all as i know how difficult things like that are and it turned out to be a really good night.

I feel a bit torn right now. A different good friend of mine has confided (sp?) in me recently. I have been helping him deal with some issues that are occuring in his life. I rate him as a very good friend, and tongiht i learned there may be things going off in the background that he doesnt know about. I want to tell him, but then i also want his partner to speak to him about it, as it would be better coming from her rather than a third party. I hate it when a “maxxd couple” has disputes, as it always causes friction and upset on the forums, and its always unpleasant for more than just the two main people involved.

I have got to be up at 5:30 in the morning, so i best not stay awake too much longer.

But all in all i had a great night, i just wish it had lasted longer!

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