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I have a post-it note on my desk that makes me sad everytime i look at it.

Getting Taken To Court..

Yes thats right, me and dave are being taken to court by someone who used to be our friend. There was a mix up and some te-shirts got ordered and made by an old friend – danny – for Now both dave and sy deny ordering them, and danny is siding with sy when he says dave ordered them. But my problem with that is dave worked for PnP for about 5 years, and KNOWS how much promotional clothing should be. The fact that the cost of these was about twice what we would normally pay – makes me think dave really did have nothing to do with it. And although sy has been known to tell a few porkies, the last time i checked he was a pretty sound guy and even he wouldnt be stupid enough to order nearly 2 grands worth of shit with no way of paying it back.

So that makes me think danny kinda took it on himself to think of the quantity? All we could ever get out of them in regards who ordered what, is “dave said he had sold 50 of them” – But that doesnt mean order 130 does it!

Anyway, i dont know if im looking forward to the court hearing or not. In my eyes me and dave have done nothing wrong, and have been lumbered with another one of Sy’s fuckups – becasue deep down he has to be to blame. After all it was him who designed them, and gave the design to danny to make. Even if he didnt tell him how many to make in my eyes he still had the most involvement in the situation.

I guess we’ll see on tuesday. Im gonna go in and tell the truth. As i have nothing to hide. I just hope Sy doesnt testify against us – TBH i dont think he would be able to do that. If he does then i must of got to know the wrong sy for the duration of our 18 year friendship. Kinda makes me feel sad knowing 18 years of being mates has been thrown down the pan becasue of a few fucking teeshirts.

I guess me and dave should make sure we have everything we need prepared for the court hearing. As we dont want to go in there unprepared like im hoping danny is.

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Man, that sucks.

It really is bad when something like that happens because it sounds like too much money for anyone to just say “forget it” and I doubt anyone wants to share the cost.

Having said that, if I were the judge then i’d say all of you should pay an equal amount and get back to focusing on something else 🙂

You’re probably lucky I’m not a judge 😉

Lol, i think the outcome will be that we will have to agree on an amount to give danny back every month.

TBH in a perfect world the judge will reduce the sum we owe due to the fact the quality of the tee’s is poor, and give us AGES to pay it back..

Its not our fault dannys absalutly shit at making teeshirts..

And if it had been a proper order we would of seen a proof example b4 the order was made, and we could of pointed out that the quality was shit from the offset..

But of course it wasnt a normal order.

That’s really bad. Dont know the ins and outs but maybe he would be to proud to actually admit he was wrong..i dunno, i thought i knew him..turns out i didnt.

Hope it goes well babe, and dammit if i was a qualified solicitor, maybe could have helped you guys out! x

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