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Another night..

Helen picked me up again tonight. I love not having to drive its ace. We didnt know what we were doing or where we were going but we set off and somehow ended up on black rock. We just seem to talk and talk. Its crazy, i have so much in common with her – i think im doing her head in when i waffle on about things but she just listens and listens and does seem like shes interested!

And im seeing her again tomorrow, which is good. I think scott is coming round to look at my clio for me after work, but im not going out till about 8 anyway so im not gonna clash or anything.

We have been saying we should spend a weekend together, somewhere where there is just us. And seeing as H said she has always wanted to go to rome (and the flights are SO cheap) we have decided thats where we are gonna go. I shouldnt imagine we will need much more than £100 each, maybe a little bit more to make the weekend that little bit more special.

I also remembered that i need to fill out my passport form, as i havent had a valid UK passport for years and if im going to go travelling – im going to need one!

If i can get the outstanding jobs out the way – well, the major ones anyway – then i would safely say my life is going pretty well at the moment. I am overworking myself and i get frustrated and angry and i know that makes the life of my work collegues difficult cos they dont know how to take me sometimes.

This go’s out to all my friends, co-workers and collegues (especially dave)

Im a stressed person, and computers and hasstle stress me out more. And when im stressed out i take things out on people – usually the wrong people. And for this i am sorry. I am fully aware of my mood swings, and fiery personality – and becasue of this when im 25 im going to lead a stress free life for a few years. Until that date im afraid your gonna have to put up with it – although i will attempt to right the wrongs in my life that lead me to the stress driven states.

Anyway, bedtime.. Im gonna do the blogroll and visit everyones blog before i sleep..


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i know how ya feel, you aint alone, as long as we stick together we’ll be sound, we both got alot on, but as long as we know how to take each other and both know where we are goin in life, we’ll be cool.

Alot has changed mate, a hell of a lot, BUT, we have grown stronger from it, and experienced alot that others aint gonna see or get for sum time yet.

Keep ya head above the water, do what you need to relax and love life mate

Peace 🙂

awww nice to see things are going well between you two! Dont worry about stressing out at people, if they are true friends, they probably understand! x

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