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Its a Love/Hate relationship…

How can i love the internet so much, and yet dispise it so much too? I love the fact i have unlimited information at my fingertips. I hate the fact it seems like ive seen it all. I love the fact i can search and find any image or any video or any program i want, i hate the fact i get an email every 5 seconds that is asking me to do something that i cant be arsed to do. I love the fact i record all my personal life on here, yet i hate having to sit and think of stuff to write. I love being admin, and having responcibility and job satisfaction, i hate baing admin becasue of the requests, and moaning and issues you have to deal with. I Love the internet, but i hate it SO much.

Garbeld, badly spelt and not punctuated properly… but i dont care!

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